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Five facts of 3D Product Animation

What is 3D animation?

Nowadays, 3D animation is popular among us. Video games, films, TV shows, even this graphic technique is coming through companies which can help them market their product and services. So basically, 3D animation is a graphic technique that utilizes motion to bring characters, props, objects, and more to life.

How 3D animation works when launching products?

3D animation provides the idea of the product you are expecting to launch in ways that have never been possible before. Also, this allows you to drive your product on several different platforms at once, which can inform, engage and entertain your customers and ultimately boost your sales.

         However, there are five ways that 3D product animation can help you develop your marketing strategy and grow your sales.

1.) Open 24 hours and 365 days.

3D animation supports you to promote and sell your product online 24 hours a day throughout the year. 3D animation is the best way to demonstrate your product clearly and simply to your customers. Also, it can advertise your product to your customers around the world whenever they want to see it. Animation helps showcase your product’s features, making it ideal for showcasing and telling people about it. 

     Suppose you want more to describe how convenient even 3D animation allows any side of the hemisphere your customers are on. In that case, your animation is available for them to view whenever they want.

2.) Eye Catching

Gain more attention on your page; you need to contain professional, bright, and attractive 3D animations. People nowadays favor watching a video about a product rather than reading an article about it. So generally, when you have a 3D product animation on your website, it attracts and holds on to consumers’ attention. When people see your product and learn more about it through the animation, they are more likely to buy it. Consequently, increasing your sales.

3.) Share-ability

Since most marketers are well aware, social media is an important place to promote products. Also, social media marketing makes it easier to reach your target audience. YouTube and other social media platforms are the best channels for promoting 3D animation. You can create professional-looking, engaging visual content that will grab your audience’s attention and make an impact with the help of 3D animations.

        When people share your video, if it is high quality and interesting enough, it further spreads your product’s reach. It helps to increase your sales and also creates brand awareness among your followers. Gaining more followers on social media, the more traffic you will get to your site. Which in turn means more sales.

4.) Credibility

3D animation helps to increase your trustworthiness among your customers, both old and new. Growing your business doesn’t mean it is enough to increase sales and acquire new customers; it’s more important to retain your existing customers. For your customers, you can create ‘how to’ videos using 3D animation. An informative, instructional video can provide your customers added value by displaying your product’s features that they may not usually use. 

     The same procedure helps gain your customers’ trust in your company and your products, increase your credibility among your customers, and support your business’s growth.

5.) Engaging

3D animation helps to retain your customers. A developed interactive 3D product animation can let your customers engage with your products and help you attract your prospective customers. It shows features and functions in a 360o view of your product when you allow them to experience your product virtually. 

    The same can educate customers about your product and make their experience more memorable, which help to increase sales also. In a world fill with competition, it is safe to declare that 3D product animation is the best way to grow your business by reaching out to your customers. The same helps you to reach your customers in an engaging, interactive, and memorable way. It brings your products to life in ways that images and text can’t do and communicates clearly and concisely. 3D animation is a comprehensive marketing tool for a wide range of companies in many different industries. 

       Explain, promote or display all kinds of products; 3d animation can use no matter how complex your products are. You can go through with the below example proving why 3D animated video is the best form of content creation for your business, no matter what field you are

The above link describes the experience and knowledge that Emma Conlan (Marketing Specialist – PinkSquare) gained. 

Skills an animator need

There are typical responsibilities of an animator include:

  • working creatively to produce original and aesthetically delightful designs and solutions
  • using specialist computer generation software such as Flash, Maya, and After Effects
  • presenting designs to customers for evaluation
  • promoting and running the business
  • negotiating contracts
  • liaising and working effectively with other design and production staff.

However, some skills need to have an animator.

  • Artistic talent
  • Creativity
  • A knack for storytelling
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Attention to detail

The numerous possibilities which can have from 3D animation can expand your products worldwide creatively and efficiently.

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